How is it We are Here

Call it Divine Intervention, call it destiny, call it following our path. You can even say…”It’s life, but not as we knew it.” After a 20 year “whisper campaign” God finally got our attention and we committed to going into full-time missions work.

We are far from the stereotypical missionaries wearing pith helmets, white shirts, and khaki shorts being boiled in kettles by cannibals, or trying to “westernize” the natives. This is the 21st century, and modern problems demand modern solutions.

Using the driving power of Biblical grace we work with pastors, ministries, and organizations across the globe. These partnerships share the common goal of reaching the least evangelized nation in Europe-Serbia. This goal is met by; delivering food to the needy, providing care and counseling for prostitutes, offering educational options to the “invisible people”, and in ways not yet discovered.

All we do is out of love and compassion. No strings attached.

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