All Because of You

Sebia Exile: Finale

We survived. This is actually Day 3 of our 4 day “fly-by” exile in the UK.

Trying to sum up all the great things that happened in Serbia over the last seven weeks is proving be to quite difficult. We saw 30 people from four different nations pour their love and energy into the people of Novi Sad.

We saw Jesus being shared through games, skits, church services, leadership training, and construction…and sacrifice.

We all ate a lot of great Serbian food.

We learned some more of the language, and even found our way around using public transportation…more than once!

In the end, the words of our great friend and partner, Nesa, said it all…”You have achieved more in 7 weeks than many missionaries achieve in two-three years.”

Our thanks to Next Level Church Fort Myers FL USA, Covina AOG Covina CA USA, New Horizon Church Eastwood UK, and Gateway City Church Kamloops BC Canada. Nesa’s praise belongs to you.

To all those who love and support this work in so many wonderful ways…our heartfelt appreciation. We couldn’t do it without you.

Tomorrow we head to the US…stay tuned!!

Paul and Mary

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