The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

US Exile day 4,5,6

Someone summed up our current status and lives as “living like spies”. We have no real address, technically we have no real jobs at the moment, we have a throw away cell phone and foreign drivers licenses. It does seem we are off the radar.

It would be easy to bemoan the whole visa revocation situation and lament about what could be an uncertain future, but what would that accomplish?

In the midst of the whole exile/visa thing we are feeling sooooooooooooooo much love. The days we just spent in Fort Myers were a whirlwind of meetings, meals, get-togethers, a spa day (for Mary) and some fishing (for Paul). We met up with the STM team that joined us in Novi Sad back in August. We had hugs from just about the whole church staff, and were treated like rock stars, but with a lot of class (the treatment, not us.)

We are now in the Orlando area for a few days and look forward to seeing friends, getting tans, and enjoying some beautiful early autumn weather. Then off to Colorado and New York. No one said being spies was easy.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the wheels are turning and progress is being made towards getting the new sponsorship and visa paperwork sorted. If all goes according to plan we should have new UK visas by the end of November.

The saga continues, and we are thankful for the prayers and love.

Paul and Mary




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  1. Violine Jean Goetz

    Mary Ann & Paul,
    It was a Joy to meet You Both! Enjoy Family Time & the rest of your USA times. Praying Safe Travels, Rest & Rejuvenation For You Both. Lifting Up Visa Issue To OUR FATHER who has the PLAN!
    Love You Both,
    Violine Jean Goetz & Lilly
    Ft Myers/NLC

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