Propel Project

Together with the Next Level International Network and Nexus Church (Novi Sad) we have launched an initiative called the Propel Project. It consist of three components: Provide-Protect-Prepare. It is a street level, face-to-face way to share the love of Jesus with the unloved, dejected, and lost. What does it do? Happy you asked.

Provide-A mom with no food and only a euro to buy groceries  was one of the first recipients of a box of food. Sure it was basic stuff; flour, sugar, pasta, but that act of kindness was a pivotal moment in her  family’s life. Both she and her husband have committed their lives to helping others who live in the same hell.

Protect-Prostitutes out in the cold  are being prayed for and being brought coffee by an NGO called “New Women”. It is a counseling and educational service for battered and abused women. We are also working with Serbia’s first “Choose Life” Center as they strive to make abortion unthinkable.

Prepare- The thousands of other boys and girls in Novi Sad’s seven Roma ghettos deserve the opportunity to get an education. It is not too late to free them from the cycle of poverty and ignorance in which they are trapped.

How can you help? Glad you asked this too.

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