1) For whom do you work?
This deserves a four-sided answer:
a) We unashamedly serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
b) We work with the Next Level International Network (NLIN), a global team of ministries, each with a heart for Europe.
c) We partner with churches from around the world who share our heart for Serbia and its people.
d) We work side by side with churches and organization in Serbia to reach common goals.

 2) Why did you choose to partner with the NLIN?
We have know NLI’s founder, Ian Green, since the early 90’s. Through this personal relationship, first-hand involvement with their short-term missions work in the Czech Republic, and a close up look at their pastor training program in Serbia, we witnessed a powerful, viable, loving organization wholeheartedly seeking to spread the Good News…and more. We are humbled they would consider us worthy to join the team.

3) What background experience makes you suitable for this work? 
Good question. We both have had a heart for missions work for over 20 years. We have involved with a number of mission related adventures which have taken us around the world. Mary worked for a mission ministry in Florida for several years. We have both been involved in co-ordination of short term missions trips, helping raise support, intercessory prayer, personal involvement in local mission activity and more. Additionally Mary has years of experience as a church bookkeeper and great hospitality skills. Paul has been a church elder, administrator and can mispronounce words in about 12 languages.

4) Where will my money be used?
NLIN is a faith-based ministry, translation: we are volunteers, not employees. In essence your financial involvement will buy us the time we need to invest in the ministry. Think of it this way; a car engine needs three things to run, air, fuel, and spark. Right? So do we. The air is prayer, the fuel is financial support, and the spark is God making it explode. Without fuel, nothing happens.

5) What will you be doing for NLI?
Right now, it looks like this.

6) Why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing as this???
That would depend on your definition of a “right mind”. Many consider things of God as “supernatural”….we have begun to see the same as “spirit normal”. When Jesus said to..”go into the world making diciples…” He meant that for the Apostles, and us. Despite the uncertainty and the need for dependence on God, we have a calm about this new future. Will it be an easy ride? No. But we will never be alone.

7) Why Serbia?
How many of us watched as the Berlin Wall came down? A symbol of oppression that had stood for almost thirty years was now rubble. How many of us applauded, as millions of people in Eastern and Central Europe were unleashed from Communist control? Few missed the news as the media provided countless images of tear-streaked faces as families were reunited, and the hope of freedom was rekindled. Pundits praised the leaders of so many new nations willing to embrace democracy. What a joyous, historical occasion.

Fast forward less than 20 years…to now. Those liberated nations; those “freed” people, now live in the vacuum created by the demise of Communism. Murder, prostitution, drugs, and violence now run rampant in the wake of liberation. These former Communist bloc nations were Godless, now sin has filled the void. It is time to bring Light back to this part of the world.

8) Don’t you miss your family?
In a word…yes. We are very thankful for Skype!! If all goes according to plan we will be able to see them every two years.

9) How can I become involved?
A very dangerous question with so many beautiful answers. If you’re serious, click here. 

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