We are going for the One……Jesus Christ.
In three short years, Jesus showed the world how a mix of Truth and Love could change our world, and our eternal lives. Jesus did not come to start a religion. He came to start a revolution. We have decided, no, we have agreed with God to give feet to our faith. We work with Mission:Europe, a member of the Next Level International Network (www.nlieurope.com) a missionary organization out of England that has been bringing the Gospel to the people of Europe for over 20 years.

We are going for the One….person.
Whether it be during street ministry a large outreach, or  delivering food parcels to needy families, we will be involved with the lost and lonely. Recently liberated nations; filled with “freed” people now live in the vacuum created by the demise of Communism. Murder, prostitution, drugs, and violence run rampant in the wake of liberation. These former Communist nations were Godless, now sin has filled the void. However, not all is lost. We go to reach them….. one at a time.

We are going for the One….church.
Somewhere at this very moment in Serbia, there is a new church, a seedling, full of potential and possibilities. As with any young plant, it needs nurturing and care. It needs support and fertile ground into which it can sink its roots and be anchored. Most of all they need to know they are not alone. We go to help train them. We go with Short Term Mission teams eager to be involved. We go to build them up.

You are invited to be part of the solution, part of the future, and the blessing.

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