Our hearts, passion, energies, and prayers are all being poured into the least evangelized nation in Europe…Serbia.

Once the powerhouse of Southeastern Europe, sometimes a pawn of politics and war, now on a faultline between past, present, and future. Gripped by the influence of a decaying church structure and haunted by ghosts of its Communist past, Serbia once again teeters on the brink. Within the crucible of a complex social and cultural mix exists a very strong need for Truth, for Hope, for  Love.

Our first steps have taken us to Novi Sad, Serbia’s second capitol. A center of business and education, and home to over 350,000. One the fringe of the city’s borders you will find seven Roma (gypsy) communities. These ghettos are home to thousands of “invisible people”. A blend of refugees, wanderers, misplaced, displaced, and very unloved.

Something in our hearts leapt when we learned that Novi Sad means “new plant”. Do you want to help rewrite some futures?


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