00121xPaul and Mary Triller. Two kids in their mid-50’s with hearts that love missions work. The past twenty+ years have been part crucible, part training ground, and part classroom, as God has been preparing them for this latest phase in their lives.

Since they married in 1979 they have found themselves on a number of mission related adventures which have sent them to places such as; Haiti, Guatemala, Slovenia, Peru, Albania, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Serbia and Poland.  They both have both been involved in co-ordination of short term missions trips, helping raise support, intercessory prayer, personal involvement in local mission activity and more. Mary also worked for a mission ministry in Florida for several years. Over the years they have talked about becoming more involved in the mission field, though never hearing a call, they oft times heard the whisper.

So there they were in middle-class America, with three adult daughters, three sons-in-law, and five beautiful grand daughters. Add to that, two good jobs, two cars, a successful photography business, equity in their home, 401K’s, retirements accounts, and fast approaching  that time most of their peers are saying; “Now it’s our turn…now we can cruise, vacation, golf, and regain control of our time. We should be signing up for AARP and looking for restaurants with early-bird over-50s dinner specials…maybe even buy a convertible in Mid-life Crisis Red.” But not for this couple. For them the whisper had grown louder. The call had come.

After all the life events concerning missions, it was time to go. God  dropped a bombshell into the middle of  their lives. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, they sold the house, left the jobs, said goodbye to families and friends, and headed into the mission field.

Working with Mission:Europe (a member of the Next Level International Network) they are Co-Country Leaders for Serbia. Pooling their diverse talents and abilities they are engaged in bringing Light into some of the darkest places in Europe.

The journey has just started and there is so much more to come.

On a personal note…
Mary is a habitual knitter, hugger, and the social half of the couple. She likes coffee and spinach, but not together. She is a great cook and enjoys watching murder mysteries.
Paul enjoys photography and geocaching, and letting Mary be the social half of the couple. He can’t understand how anyone enjoys coffee or spinach. He believes “recipe” is French for suggestion and loves bad science fiction movies.
Their home is currently in Southport UK.
Their home church is Next Level Church Fort Myers FL. While in the UK they attend Shoreline Church.


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